Games in French , while waiting for Christmas

Games in French , while waiting for Christmas

This Christmas pack is full of activities and games to learn French.

Your kids will never get bored while learning French. With Christmas theme as a background the children will play and learn as the same time.

We thought this pack as a multi level and age range activities



The pack includes:

  • Flashcards
  • Interactive lotto (a two step game that includes, written and oral comprehension)
  • Bingo (to learn and revise the vocabulary and numbers
  • Santas’ race game (a game for the sake of playing but thanks to our Teacher’s tip you will have the tools to develop the language skills)
  • The common element (Dobble) on Christmas vocabulary
  • A poster of the usual sentences
  • A guided writing for Santa’ letter and a blank version
  • The Christmas battleship to practice  verbs and Christmas actions
  • Our Ludospiral book, a very fun and practical DIY book to built sentences and the scary verbs.
  • Goose game, answering Christmas questions
  • Puzzles
  • Etc…


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